Hello there.

Spoiler alert, short blog post.

Yes I read newspapers; a particular article caught my attention. Apparently despite numerous debts my country has, itโ€™s taking another loan worth Trillions.

Let me bring your attention to how it feels to be working in a foreign country. No matter what you do, your mannerisms and character will forever reflect well or badly on your country. In summary, you are an unpaid ambassador of your nation. And often times, your country will pull you up or bring you down depending on what’s shown on CNN, Aljazeera, BBC World and so forth.

International media does not favor any country, especially African countries that they benefit less from. And despite how well you will back up fallacies on all kinds of media, people will choose to believe the media even if they don’t want to, hence frequent questions will be bombarded to you as, ‘What’s going on in your country? Why are you borrowing so much money? Why are there a lot of poor people in your country? Have you killed a lion? Is your country safe? It never ends…

As an ambassador, it becomes an unplanned unexpected responsibility to defend your nation constantly.

Africa is my motherland, Kenya is my home. Viva Kenya. ‘Kila kitanda na kunguni wake’ There is no perfect state.

Our future is bright, in debt or in wealth; Trillionaire nation


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