Ever been in a crowd and you felt alone? Or had a conversation with someone but felt your energy drained? If you answered yes to either of the two, well, You and me both!

I’m honestly so sensitive to my surroundings. If people around me are not supportive or are always negative and complaining all the time, I feel energetically drained. I had to teach myself to mentally separate hearing from listening.

This is why I travel to pray, love and detox my energy whenever I feel a decrease.

I believe we all deserve to go somewhere a new once in a while away from familiar surroundings, out of comfort zone and see the world, explore different lifestyles lived differently by many cultures across the globe and teach ourselves life is not always about our problems. This provides healing to our drained souls and upon return, make a change for the better.

Making a difference or changing is not always about being perfect but connecting with others through our mutual imperfections. Plus, the more we surround ourselves with people who value us and don’t give shit about our flaws, the more confident we become. By loving ourselves despite our flaws, we give ourselves permission to be happy and stay happier.

This new year, out with the negative old, In with nothing but good vibes.

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