It’s a challenge being a hardworking woman, a challenge I personally accept because no one likes being broke. However, people will always assume you have everything hence ‘you don’t appreciate small gifts’

Let me put it out there; our sexuality still remains the same. We are still girls and girls love gifts.

There isn’t a woman alive who will believe your words if you don’t cement them with actions. And if they do, then there must have been something that outshines that flaw.

Still, what is love if you can only say it but not show it. In my dating life, being a global citizen, whenever I go back home, I’m too exposed to be dated: I’m a threat to a man’s ego. If I go outside my birth niche, I’m either too conservative or out to selfishly get something out from them.

Anyway, I’m one in many women who know what they want before they commit. And I bet 99% of anyone born from an XX chromosome will hate to admit; ‘If you don’t provide security and we don’t feel safe with you, we’ll not commit 100%. Sadly, we can’t quite tell you this, we assume it’s an instinct already acquired once one claims the ‘adult male’ status.

In the meantime, happy new month.

Welcome February, the month of love.

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