As a frequent traveler, I take a lot of pictures. My phone alone holds more than 30,000 pictures and videos combined.

I have always had an interest in photography hence you’ll understand my interest in visiting this Photography museum

in Penang, Malaysia.

Checking out more than 50,000 parts of different camera brands dated back from 100 years ago and I realize I don’t know anything about photography; good thing there was an instructor nearby to guide us through and explain everything in depth.

I could lie and say I remember a quarter of everything taught to me on this day but no way, I don’t even remember who clicked this picture haha!

I’m however grateful for my eyes have seen and genuinely appreciated the growth that has progressively emerged through photography.

What could we do without cameras? Where or how would we have store our forgotten memories that remain permanent in history, allowing us to look back in retrospect? Maybe we drew…I wonder. Or maybe we told tales… I guess it’s that time of the year I visited my grandparents for more ‘wise tales from the past’ After all, there is no better story teller than those that lived through it.

Till next time…


  1. Lovely pictures! Very true! Being a photography enthusiast, there’s nothing as exciting as a photography museum! I agree, cameras have played such a pivotal role in the development of our species. I can’t even imagine my day without a camera! Those are some lovely clicks. Amazing post! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I still have s lot of pictures from the museum I wish I could post them all here😊 It’s impressive how technology has made it so easy to click a picture than in the past, even though it did seem interesting.

      When you get the chance visit the place coz the sites you’ll see, the pictures you’ll take, the memories… wow! Carry your camera and an extra memory card for it haha!

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      1. You’re welcome! Oh! That’d be great. I loved all of these pictures. It’d be great to see more of them😊
        Absolutely! Technology has grown so much and is definitely doing a great job at enhancing the accessibility to all these wonderful inventions 😊🌸
        Yeah! Absolutely. After reading your article, I am dying to visit the museum. C’mon. It’s heaven for photography enthusiasts, isn’t it?😃😃

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