I know right? If you are a casual drinker like me then you’ll probably feel a pinch of pain. That’s what I felt on my recent trip to Johannesburg; and believe me I looked everywhere with no success, from restaurants walk in, hotels, uber eats, online shops, you name it. They called back to politely apologise. I did get my biltongs though haha! The ban has been on and off but the recent ban started in December 26th 2020 and its presumably expected to end in February 15th 2021.

Is it just me or does it seem weird? When I got to south Africa, Johannesburg in late January, my intention was to indulge in some of the best wines and South Africa is one of the new wines regions. I’ve gone to Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and it’s always the barbecue steak and wine for me haha!

I shared my shock and sober experience on YouTube however, my purpose was not to lead you there for discovery and views…yet. I do concur with the government on this. The party in SA is “fly high” and 24/7. It sucks to be denied that especially if that’s what people are used to or we wish to let off some steam because of stress caused by this pandemic, but then, a sober mind makes better decisions and social distancing is still a champion at curbing this pandemic. It’s only February 2021 and we have to deal with the new mutated covid19, I mean, when will all this come to an end? I guess while in South Africa, do what South Africans do and that is practice sobriety.

I did have a lot of fun though in my short stay. Got myself some sparkling apple juice with some ice in a wine glass and yes people, it tasted like white wine. I might just consider switching to that drink from now on. Truthfully, I left South Africa after two days and I haven’t had alcohol, by choice, from 22nd January to date. Sparkling apple juice is still jazzing up my taste buds.

Till next time… cheers!

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