My First Covid19 Test

You read that right, yes. I was lucky enough to escape the vid the entire 2020 and yes, I was healthy then as I’m still now. I know it’s old news by now, I mean let’s face it, people have practically forgotten that the virus is still out there adding numbers, that’s how I forgot I can get it too. I’m still waiting for the results.

I’ll tell you a little story. One day, a girl went to work. One day a work colleague was feeling unwell when a girl when to work. One day, a girl was called and advised to stay in isolation, and that very day an entire team of more than ten people were placed in isolation individually because of that single case, a girl included.

Guess what? It sucks. I get paid per hour sooooo…, at first of course I was bewildered. I’ve been in prayer and practicing proper hygiene long enough to escape this situation so I guess it’s my time to bite the dust like everyone else. The harsh truth is no one is exempted from this pandemic. It’s still roaming proud forcing us to adapt to this new normal so sometimes despite taking all safety measures, stuff happens; and it has.

Today I got my first ever Covid19 swab test. It didn’t hurt, but those five seconds of exploring my nose and throat were very uncomfortable I must say. It’s been five hours and I still feel someone is living rent free inside my nose haha!

I blame myself for watching exaggerated videos of this topic

What’s the point of this blog today? Hmm… I wonder too. Pick your fancy though. I meant to say stay safe. I also meant to say not to discriminate those who are found positive; no one is completely immune either way. I also meant to say Ouch! My poor nose haha! Yours could be be next so keep it clean. If you haven’t had that experience, I hope you never do. In the meantime, sanitize but most importantly, always wash your hands.

For now I’m sitting in the couch with a blanket and sipping hot coffee; well that’s what I’m planning to do after I’m done typing and publishing this blog. It’s quarantine time so I have time to kill and me time to catch up with.

Till next time… cheers!

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