YouTube Is Hard

Last year we all had plenty of time to catch up on things we left hanging like chasing that Youtuber dream because we were busy with other things; like work.

I love making videos, always have and always will; but did you know despite loving that, it’s still a challenge to love some parts of it? Ask any YouTuber and they will tell you it’s not all glamour, it’s not as easy as people think. Yes, pick that camera up and shoot right? Shoot what? What are you going to talk about? The sky? Oh wait, that’s still content! So what about THE sky?

You have to make the audience want to listen to you especially if whatever you are talking about doesn’t concern them or they don’t give two flying sheets and blankets about it. That’s when it begins to become a challenge, but wait, say maybe you do have something that spikes a strangers curiosity on camera. There is this wall called delivery. Good content, poor delivery…might as well quit.

Wait! Don’t quit just yet. You’re may be good at delivery. One can pick or learn this skills for free online and from other YouTubers too right? Additionally you’re determined so good for you. But then you’re not funny, not confident and camera shy hahaha!

I’m laughing at me don’t worry. Being on camera is not as exempting from the above factors as sitting down and typing this blog. I had to surpass some of these challenges…I can’t honestly say I’m quite there yet however I am getting there. And the first part of content creation is complete. There is editing, and editing, and more editing. A video of five minutes can take one six hours to edit and that’s a fact. Similar to just posting a blog post here. My draft has more than twenty posts sitting in cosy waiting to be published.

These are behind the scenes that no one thinks about when they look at a complete project. YouTube is fun, no one said it is easy but I’m here to tell you that it’s hard, especially if you’re the one coming up with all your content and doing all the work. That is the reason why so many start up and quit after a few months. I for one took a break in December 2020. I used to post videos 2-3 times a week, and juggling up with work. After a nonstop marathon for almost a year, I experienced a major burnout. My energy and morale were negative. The upside of it is that nonstop commitment to my channel got me monetised and I got more people consuming my content.

In the end, I learned nothing comes easy, even if we’re doing what we love most, burnout knows no passion. Taking a break to reset is still part of growth and since I got back in January, I feel more energised and full of ideas; only that now I have more time to blog about it since I’m currently in quarantine. Check my Valentine Day blog post and you’ll understand why.

Random thoughts on a random Monday.

Till next time…cheers!

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