Keep Quiet

Betrayal has a bitter taste and a cracking sound to the heart.

Have you watched this nerve wracking movie called ‘A Quiet Place?’ Well I do not want to give you any spoilers but it’s worth your time; and if youโ€™re chicken like me watch it with someone. There is a part two of it so I’m waiting for my someone to watch it with haha! Yes, I’m in quarantine it’s my 5th day and my ‘someones’ are either working or not where I live, in different continents honestly so, I’ll wait until I finish this quarantine (Day 5). Oh wait! Then I might not have time to kill as I do now! Shucks!! Growing up is a scam! … I’ll create time.

Enough with the text rumbling! I had a good mind to mention that movie because it 100% relates to the title that led you to this blog post. In that movie, 95% of the time there is no audio speech so you have to remain quiet or die. I genuinely want to practice this. We have read and seen so many videos on the power of silence, what silence saves you from, heck I even did two videos on YouTube about this and it’s true, silence has saved me from a lot of daily drama. They say less is more, I’d like to think saying less is more.

How much of ourselves do we give to people when we share our problems and achievements? Anyone can fake their happiness for us. How many times have we self sabotaged by revealing our future plans just to fail suspiciously? In my language, Kiswahili, we have a proverb which goes “Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako” Whatever is biting or eating you up is in your clothes so typically, the enemy doesn’t come from far, it’s always the person next to you holding all your secrets.

Back to the movie. The actors had to remain quiet or die so think of it this way; only share with people what won’t kill you because if you share too much, then facing death is inevitable. We live in times where everywhere people are posting and uploading themselves breathing. We can’t run away from the evolution of communication through technology which affects our habits; you are here after all in this website to read because of technology. However, self control is the armor of protection in everything, including the urge to share what our sixth sense warns us not to.

Keep quiet! Yes. Silence is a virtue.

When practiced accordingly and executed fairly, becomes a habit and saves us a lot of trouble. I’ve made mistakes and learned the hard way. Betrayal has a bitter taste and a cracking sound to the heart. I wouldn’t want that painful feeling for anyone so just like in the movie, a quiet place, Keep Quiet and always say less than necessary.

Random thoughts on a random day.

Till next time…cheers!

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