Gloomy day

I actually did take this picture today after shooting today’s quarantine series; I’m doing that on YouTube by the way…consider it a journey. Though, I can’t say I woke up inspired to have another video up, sharing my thoughts and all. I didn’t even post here yesterday. It wasn’t laziness at all, more like I lost my inspiration from yesterday afternoon and forgot how to cheer myself up.

Saying that I wake up energized everyday would be a lie too. Sometimes, the mood isn’t there no matter how much we look for it, and then all we’re left with is to deal with ourselves.

Feeling melancholic is often mistaken for sadness, far from it. It feels more like you know what you want but can’t do it because you don’t want to but will do it eventually since the mood doesn’t feel right because you are neither happy or sad…you’re simply floating in an emotionless abyss waiting to touch the ground and still wondering why you don’t care while at it. Does that make sense?

I did try to take myself out of that mood. Two days in a row feeling like that while in self isolation is not good for mental health I’d say. Today is number 12 of my quarantine. This mood was bound to creep up someday but there isn’t nothing a little glam up can’t cure hihi!

Tomorrow I’ll be uploading a tuitorial of Aliexpress, you know that e-commerce website. Have a visit to my channel if you may. I was asked where I got the funny masks from multiple times (scared my sisters silly with them) I hope you find it cheerful and the information helpful.

Till next time…cheers.

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