Freedom At Last

I couldn’t wait to get out anymore, I’ve been dreaming of outside for days now. It’s true what they say; too much of something is dangerous and staying this long inside does drive me insane but not in the way one would think.

I’m afraid of getting too comfortable being comfortable indoors. I feel like a part of me has forgotten how the sun’s heat feels like on my skin, or the cold night breeze.

I miss taking those lonely walks as I listened to the music in the park. I used to dread how that night’s breeze would make my toe tips and finger tips feel so cold; I miss looking at the sunrises and how romantic sunsets feel. I’ve began to forget it all.

At this point I might have to introduce myself to ‘Outside’, heck! I feel like outside is now an independent individual haha!

Oh well, I’ve caught up on sleep, Netflix, hobbies and me time bubble bathing enough as it is. Here I come outside. I hope I won’t have to introduce myself to you.

Freedom at last.

Till next time…cheers!

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