2021 Is the year of slumber

Hello London.

This is what sleepy looks like

Who says you need to pack a suitcase these days? Pack a backpack instead. You’re gonna get quarantined anyway so pack you pajamas, keep them colourful coz you’ll need yourself some cheer in your quarantine period; read a comical book and nap as you please.
I got two single beds to switch as I so wish. Yeah! That’s me right there post flight.

Honestly I don’t know what do do right now. I know what I need is sleep obviously since I look drowsy and fatigued however, my mind is wide awake. I’m already making plans post Hotel quarantine in London haha!

I need to slow down a bit though. This is my third quarantine this year. And ain’t 2021 a one big slumber…solo slumber hihi!

For the past seven years I’ve been on a marathon career life, I totally forgot how it feels to calm down and rest. Hustle was my normal. These mini breaks I get are very refreshing however I’m afraid I’m starting to get used to too much chill.

Oh well, there is a time for everything and I have no control over this situation. Might as well put an alarm and switch beds say… two hours each haha! I’m tooo relaxed to care, though honestly I doubt I’ll hear the alarm at this point. I’m way too fatigued after my flight to London.

2020 was a panic year, 2021 smoothers my nerves.

Till next time, cheers!

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