Today is day nine of my quarantine and I only have one day left. Will I be doing another Vid test? I was assigned ten days and I’m not sure if I fancy my nose being jabbed again with a long cotton bud that looks like ‘Slender Man’ the movie. Honestly I’m feeling apprehensive about it.

One would think first times are always the hardest, seconds are easier, however, for my case I’m more of a once bitten twice shy kinda person. Since I tested negative I’d like to think I’m safe for me and others. No symptoms so far.

Nine days in the house and you’d think I’ll be tired of indoors. I’m enjoying it. It was a good decision to do a quarantine series on YouTube, which you should definitely check out. I’ll link a video here Additionally, writing daily blog posts has helped me add a few readers. It does make me happy that my content is being consumed and being enjoyed while at it. Have a look…

These two activities have kept me busy and I’m glad since it’s not just what I love, but for a long time I’ve given my all to my employer; It’s only right to give to myself this time round and it feels fantastic. Who knows, I might monetise this blog and be self employed…that will take time though. With discipline and commitment, I should get there God willing.

The room feels melancolic; I’m guessing you can tell since I’m reluctant to let go of this free time dedicated to my personal growth. The reality though is everything does come to an end and this is it. They said being an adult was fun haha! It is. They however forgot to mention the grey areas of it.

I just finished editing a video of my ninth day in quarantine and after having this blog published, I’m going to make myself a strawberry smoothie and a delicious spicy omelette. I’m craving some idle time and a hunger for breakfast.

Till next time…cheers!

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