What’s The Deal Digital Addiction?

Current mood

Last year when we all got forced into home isolation, a part of me was relieved for a while. I never get to spend time in the house. Jeez! I even forgot how my cups looked like.

My workload was tremendously reduced and I used that time to catch up to hobbies I had forgotten I had, like reading.

I used to be a bookworm. I enjoyed getting lost in stories a lot. It was my escape. My mind would wander off by teleporting to another world and be part of the book. In both primary and secondary, I’d often spend time in the library whenever bored. I’d read anything I got my hands on. From biographies to books with pictures that had only three words per page haha! It was fun.

Yes, I rekindled that love and I have 2020 to thank that for. However, things started picking up again making time not on my side. Workload went back to almost normal.

Last year, I’d read a 500 page book in just two days. I was addicted and I liked it. I was on a revenge mission to make up for the years that I’d barely flipped a page. I had to tone down a little though; burnout was catching up since I was running a YouTube channel, posting 2-4 videos per week, and uploading daily TikTok videos due to demand since a lot of my followers on Instagram loved them.

I did tone down a little, yet today I find myself walking down a memory lane. It’s Day 6 of my first quarantine and just a few minutes ago, I found myself smiling at my iPad as I read an ebook. Good times.

I’m definitely not planning to go on another marathon reading spree. It would only exhaust me; and since I’m filming a daily mini-quarantine journey on YouTube, having already a couple of videos scheduled for upload, I figured better take this time to actually remember how my cups look like haha!

Having a productive day feels great at sunset, however, for once, I’d like to relax more and go to bed for another round of relaxation.

Random thoughts on a random day.

Till next time, cheers!

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